Voïvod’s Michel “Away” Langevin on ‘Synchro Anarchy,’ Longevity, and Pivotal Moments in Their History [w/ Audio]

“Back then, I tried not to over-think it, but back then, I was trying to incorporate what I had learned from heavy metal, punk, and progressive rock and trying to combine the three of them. Eventually, there was one trick that I always kept. Whenever In the 70s I heard a Van der Graaf Generator album, I would immediately notice that the drummer was sort of drumming backward, where he would hit the snare at a different time than you would expect it to be hit. I always had that in mind, where I would think, “Okay, the first beat that comes to my mind is this? I’ll do the opposite.” And then it would often catch the other members by surprise, but once they get it, they get into it, and I think it has become part of the Voivod style in a way.”

Full interview at V13 Media

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