Bonnaroo 2010 – Manchester TN, June 10th – 14th

Bonnaroo 2010 was off-the-hook fun. The sweltering heat (reaching a balmy 115 degrees on Sunday) I could have done without, but I guess it all goes with the experience – as Bonnaroo and high temperatures go hand in hand from what I understand. This slideshow is just bands from this years festival. I should add that was technically not accredited for photos at Bonnaroo 2010, and the majority of these shots were taken from the crowd. THere were a few instances where I was allowed into the photo pits, but they were pretty sparse. While Bonnaroo is primarily about the music, it’s really the people, graffiti, food, camping and a general Bohemian attitude that make the festival a thing that people return to year after year. I will post another slide show of more candid images from the festival in a bit. I wrote about the Bonnaroo festival daily for CHARTattack. Rather than steal their thunder – I’ll just direct you to those articles and you can read all about my Bonnaroo experiences at these links below:

Thursday June 10th | Friday June 11th | Saturday June 12th | Sunday June 13th

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