Opeth, Mastodon and Khemmis Lay Waste to Toronto’s Queen Elizabeth Theatre [Photos]

Opeth is still cresting high on the wave of their most excellent 2019 album, In Cauda Venenum. They only performed Heart In Hand (Hjärtat vet vad handen gör) from the new album. This saddened me as the new album is so good that I would have been satisfied if they played the entire thing. Instead, the band went through seven more songs that touched on seven of their albums, keeping their fans who have been with them for over twenty years happy. Mikael Åkerfeldt, Martín Méndez, Fredrik Åkesson, Joakim Svalberg and Sami Karppinen performed exceptionally well on all songs and left the audience eager for another 90 minute set.

Full coverage at V13 Media

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