The Beaches (w/ The Blue Stones) Get Groovy at Guelph Concert Theatre [Photos]

It struck me that this evening was the first time I’d seen the band truly headline a venue. I have seen them at festivals, as an opener for other bands, and at industry events, but I’d never seen them roll out a 22-song performance that touched on so much of their material in one shot like this. So many drummers get buried behind their kits and wind up obstructed in a live setting. I like how The Beaches tend to set Eliza Enman-McDaniel to the left side of the stage. This allows her to be seen performing if patrons stay on the right side of the venue. Eliza is such an animated heavy hitter; she is a total joy to watch perform. I consider her one of the best drummers in Canada and would rank her high on a list of top living drummers.

Full coverage at V13 Media

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